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3 Steps to Great Sound - H-D Audio Upgrades

Posted by Oakland H-D Contributor on Apr 2, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Your bike’s factory-equipped Boom!™ Box in-dash audio system and speakers are designed to provide enjoyable full-range sound quality, at a volume level you can hear on the open road. With the addition of Boom! Audio speakers and amplifiers you’ll get louder, ride-enhancing sound – thanks to increased frequency response, lower distortion and strong mid-range performance that cut through wind noise. Designed specifically for your ride, Boom! Audio equipment doesn’t just sound great – it’s engineered tough to withstand the harsh outdoor environment.Audio_OPN_GMA17.jpg

STEP 1– Replace the Factory Speakers

The first step toward audio perfection is to replace the Original Equipment speakers with your choice of Boom! Audio speakers and matching amplifier(s). The larger bass and separate mid/ high range speaker components deliver increased musical accuracy, and theadded power helps cut through the wind amd road noise. 4-speaker Stage I systems require one Boom! Audio amplifier, and bi-amplified Stage II systems are powered by two dedicated amplifiers.

STEP 2– Add Speakers & AmpsFLHTCU_BmAudioStg2_DTL_SP17_5.jpg

Now we are getting serious. Adding a 3rd pair of Boom! Audio speakers and an additional amplifier delivers the extra punch that only a “wall of sound” can provide. Adding a third set of speakers in the saddlebag lids or in the fairing lowers directs more sound to the motorcycle’s cockpit, building depth and presence to the musical experience. 6-speaker Stage I systems are powered by two Boom! Audio amplifiers, and biamplified Stage II systems require three
dedicated amplifiers.

STEP 3– Build the Ultimate System

This is the complete package. Rounding out the system with a fourth set of speakers adds enhanced bass punch and a weighty sound sure to grab attention. The 8-speaker “surround sound” effect puts the rider and passenger inside an envelope of sound for a road-tripping musical experience like no other. 8-speaker Stage I systems are powered by two Boom! Audio amplifiers, and bi-amplified Stage II systems require four dedicated amplifiers.

EQ “IQ” TESTFLHTCU_BmAudioStg2Spkrs_DTL_SP17_5.jpg

Boom! Audio systems outperform other aftermarket systems because our Audio Engineers develop a unique equalization (EQ) software package for each combination of speakers and amplifiers. A two-speaker fairing setup requires a full range EQ so the speakers deliver the full music spectrum, while a 4-, 6- or 8-speaker system’s EQ custom tunes each location’s speaker to deliver it’s ideal tonal range.

What Now?

Are you looking to up the sound quality of your tunes as you are rolling down the road? There are H-D audio upgrades for every motorcycle! Get with one of our Parts Experts to create the perfect solution for your motorcycle.

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*Information taken from Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Parts & Accessories Catalog US 2017 pg 690.

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