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34 Reasons Why the 2017 Street Glide Special Is Better Than Your 2013

Posted by Jess Bettencourt on Mar 5, 2017 9:00:00 AM
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Harley-Davidson has been manufacturing and selling Street Glide motorcycles for over a decade now and they are without a doubt one of the most popular models. Big motor. Great profile. All of the amenities you need and some you just want. Reasonably priced.

But the 2017 model year brings a whole new Street Glide to the game and many of the improvements are going unnoticed. If you have been racking up the miles on your 2012 Glide this might be the year to turn her in on a whole new ride.


Here are the 34 reasons why the 2017 Street Glide Special Is Better Than Ever

  1. Milwaukee-Eight Engine and Drive Train - The increased 107 cubic inch displacement helps the Milwaukee-Eight™ engine produce more torque that you’ll feel as improved acceleration and strong passing performance.
  2. Four-valve heads offer 50 percent more intake and exhaust flow through an engine so you’ll have more power per cubic inch of displacement every time you twist the throttle.
  3. The Milwaukee-Eight™ engine features two sparks plugs for each combustion chamber to help completely ignite each fresh fuel charge and give you more power and efficiency from every ounce of gas.00369_17WEB_PHX_161441.jpg
  4. The Milwaukee-Eight™ engine’s single camshaft design produces less mechanical noise than Twin Cam to enhance the impression of solid quality and let you enjoy a little more exhaust tone.
  5. The advanced design of the Milwaukee-Eight™ engine permits a higher compression ratio so you get more power from this new engine.
  6. Touring motorcycles powered by the Milwaukee-Eight™ engine weigh the same as previous Twin Cam models so power-to-weight ratio (a critical measure of real-world performance) is improved, and you’ll feel a real boost in performance.
  7. The Milwaukee-Eight™ engine features an internal counter-balancer tuned to cancel a significant amount of engine vibration at idle to improve comfort at idle for you and your passenger comfort while maintaining the Big Twin character you love.
  8. An improved heat-management strategy reduces radiating engine and exhaust heat so you and your passenger are more comfortable in certain severe conditions. The Twin-Cooled™ MilwaukeeEight™ 107 engine features a precision-cooling scheme with dual heat exchangers in the fairing lowers that help maintain a lower, more consistent engine temperature; you feel less engine heat and have more power available even when the engine is working hard.
  9. Another change you’ll notice with the Milwaukee-Eight™ engine is a lower idle speed. This makes the engine a little quieter at idle and helps lower engine temp, too, both of which you’ll appreciate if you’re stuck in traffic or waiting at a long light on a hot day. The lower idle speed also produces the classic, relaxed idle cadence that’s a hallmark Harley-Davidson® sound.
  10. With a more-powerful charging system the Milwaukee-Eight™ engine delivers 50 percent more charge to the battery at idle than Twin Cam so you won’t have an under-charged battery even with accessory lighting, performance audio, and heated gear on the bike.
  11. The improved efficiency of the Milwaukee-Eight™ engine combines increased power and enhanced range so you can rider a little further on every tank of gas.00376_17WEB_PHX_161441.jpg
  12. The angled scoop shape of the new air cleaner flows more air and muffles more intake sound to enhance performance and tone while clearly identifying you as the owner of the new Milwaukee-Eight™ engine powered motorcycle.
  13. A new primary cover slims down the left side of the powertrain to give you more foot room and shorten your reach to the ground for many riders.
  14. With ratios selected for touring performance, the Six-Speed Cruise Drive® Transmission delivers strong acceleration to help you pull away from traffic plus relaxed highway engine speed and enhanced fuel economy in sixth gear so you can ride longer in comfort.
  15. Dunlop®/Harley-Davidson® Multi-Tread Tires are designed specifically for the Touring chassis with a special center tread compound so you’ll get longer rear-tire life and enjoy good all-around performance.
  16. Reflex™ Linked Brakes with ABS link front and rear brakes and prevents wheel lock-up in less-than-optimal conditions, so in any situation you’ll have more control with optimized braking performance.
  17. The new Showa Double Bending (DBV) front suspension offers better reaction to all changes in road surface to give you and your passenger a more comfortable and confident riding experience.
  18. The new Emulsion Rear Suspension coil-over shocks offer a broader pre-load range so you’ll almost always be able adjust for the load of passenger and gear, or to suit your handling preference. The single-knob pre-load adjustment makes it easy to dial in the best pre-load setting for the load situation and maintain that setting, so once you make that adjustment you’ll get consistent comfort and handling performance over time.00403_17WEB_PHX_161441 (1).jpg
  19. The Harley-Davidson® single spar Touring frame has a rigid backbone design to sustain the weight of passengers and luggage and support current engine power. You can count on this frame for the long haul. The two-piece shell and forged pivot of the Touring swingarm give you that feeling of confident handling in all conditions and under any load.
  20. The split-stream vent below the windshield alters the air pressure in the rider area behind the fairing so you’ll notice significantly less head buffeting at speed.
  21. The Dual Halogen headlamp illuminates the low-beam bulb with the high-beam to outperform standard halogen headlamps and punch more light down the road to better illuminate your view of the road at night.
  22. The Street Glide® Special Model features exclusive hand-applied pin-striping and a painted inner fairing to set it apart from the Street Glide® Model and let you ride with a little extra pride.
  23. One-Touch Design makes it possible to open and close Tour-Pak® carrier, saddlebags, Jukebox, and fuel tank door with a push or pull of a finger, a small convenience detail that you’ll really begin to appreciate when touring. The One-Touch latch and hinge design of the hard saddlebags make is possible to open and close the lid with one hand, which you’ll find out is really handy when you want to open the saddle bag while holding gear in the other hand (Picture shown of Ultra Limited not Street Glide Special - but it's the same design)._X8C3233BEN_131540_14LIT_SLC.jpg
  24. The shape of the handlebar places the rider in an upright position that limits strain on your neck and back so you’ll ride in comfort mile after mile.
  25. Harley-Davidson® motorcycle footboards let you relocate feet for added comfort on long rides and isolate feet from road vibration for all-day comfort. The heel/toe shifter offers smooth action and a shifting option for riding ease. The Streamliner Collection footboards and matching passenger pegs feature raised, polished tri-line bands to give the Street Glide® Special Model an extra dash of custom style everyone will appreciate.
  26. The Street Glide® Special Model Seat combines a sporty profile with a deep-bucket rider position that will cradle you in comfort, and a narrow nose to give you an easier reach to the ground. The passenger pillion lets a friend join in the riding fun.
  27. A new high-capacity Assist and Slip clutch and hydraulic actuation reduces lever effort by 7 percent; you’ll find it’s much easier to manage the clutch.
  28. The factory-installed H-D® Smart Security System is controlled by a pocket-size fob that automatically disarms and arms the system as you approach or walk away from the bike – you’ll never have to worry about whether you armed the security system, or if you’ll set if off accidentally.
  29. Ergonomic hand controls are designed with optimal fit, texture and function you’ll find they are easy to use and have a feeling of solid quality.
  30. The Boom!™ Box 6.5GT Radio pumps out 25 watts per channel with factory-equalized sound quality that self-adjusts for bike speed so you can ride with clear sound at any speed or volume. The system is easy to upgrade with Boom!™ Box P&A components if you want to add premium speakers, more amplifier power or CB radio and intercom functions. Harley-Davidson® original equipment speakers are designed as a component of the Boom!™ Box system; you’ll notice the outstanding sound quality and these speakers will give you longer service in the demanding motorcycle environment, where they are exposed to weather and vibration.
  31. The large 6.5-inch color screen has a high-resolution display and an auto-dim function so you’ll be able to view it well, day or night and in changing light conditions.0115_MY14_APG_131107.jpg
  32. The color GPS navigation system features voice recognition, route options, and Harley-Davidson® motorcycle exclusive features; you’ll find it’s more than a navigating tool when you’re touring because the motorcycle-specific tools add so much convenience.
  33. The Boom!™ Box 6.5GT radio offers full voice recognition control and Bluetooth® capability to control system functions and interface with a cell phone you’ll have hands-free interface with the Boom!™ Box functions and your phone while riding.
  34. Electronic cruise control is smooth and precise and adjusted with the left thumb so you can keep your right hand steady on the throttle. Set the cruise and give your right wrist a break.


So what exactly are you waiting for? The only way to truly experience the difference is to ride one of these motorcycles. Schedule a test ride at Oakland Harley-Davidson today.

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