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7 Resources to Help You Operate The Infotainment System Like a Pro

Posted by Oakland H-D Contributor on Mar 25, 2017 3:00:00 PM


Technical manuals vex me. My modest accomplishments include: replacing the motor in a 72 VW Bug in a day,  making home made pasta, and changing the diapers of my two children. However, when it comes to the combination of reading/following contemporary manuals and guides, my brain shuts down like an overserved drunkard at 2:00 am. Leaving me with the only question of, “Do human beings actually write these @#! things”?

If you recently purchased a 2014 or later Touring motorcycle with a standard or premium Infotainment System and haven’t braved through the manual, fear not. You’ll need four things to master 50% of the Infotainment operations: Patience, time and opposable thumbs. We’ll help with the rest. We’ve selected the seven best online resources that will help you learn the power of the Infotainment System.

  1. PLEASE Read the Quick Start Guide. (Technically, this isn’t a manual it’s a guide especially if you describe yourself as, “I don’t read manuals” guy.

Familiarize yourself with the definitions and differences for: buttons, soft keys, screens, menus and hand controls etc... This is how you work through the system. The videos refer to each item often and quickly. The best way to follow the videos is to understand the references and the sequences for each feature.

  1. Online Reference Guide

Choose which infotainment system you have. Relax, breath, bask in another minor victory. Find the BASICS heading in the menu. Scroll down to BUTTONS AND CONTROLS and start the video or click this link.

  1. Touch these Buttons and Controls radios_tab3.jpg

Easy, visual instructions for the functions and positions for all the buttons, controls and things that light up. Take your laptop or smart phone next to the bike and mirror the actions from the video.  Don’t worry about being caught doing so by family members it probably wouldn’t be the oddest thing they have seen you do with the bike.

  1. Home Screen Intro

Now that you know the names and functions of the buttons and controls, you’ll learn how to access the different features; Tuner, Media, Nav, Com, Set up and more. If the “Menu Bar” at the top of the screen doesn’t say “HOME” go back to step two.

  1. Pump Up The Jam (adjust audio settings) 

What’s the point of owing the baddest bike on the planet and not set off alarms on your way to work or in the parking garage? Follow the interactive video to take you through all the adjustments for a customized sound for all your tunes. Remember to turn down the volume when you get home as we don’t want to upset the Mrs.

  1. Let there be rock! (pairing bluetooth devices) 

You’ll learn how to pair your smart phone or other Bluetooth device so you can listen to your individual playlists from any music source: Spotify, Pandora, Itunes, I Heart Radio… (hint, for maximum sound, turn the volume on your smart phone or Bluetooth device to “Max”. Pump your fist in the air. Repeat as necessary!

  1. Owners Manual

Your mom, your wife/partner/girlfriend has been right all along. When in doubt, read the manual. We won’t judge.

You got this! If not come in and ask! We feel your pain and we are happy to help. 

Don't have a motorcycle with an Infotainment system, but now you want one? We can help with that too. Easiest way to determine if that is something up your alley is to take a test ride.

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