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9 Reasons Why H-D Rain Gear Is Best in Class

Posted by Liesl Bettencourt on Apr 13, 2017 4:00:00 PM
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All of these on-again off-again rain showers in the Bay Area lately are really cutting into some prime spring riding time. And with a few exceptions of the all-day full-state monsoons... most days you can get some good riding in if you are willing to put up with a few soggy miles. So let's talk rain gear and why H-D rain gear is best in class.

You could pick up some generic rain jacket and pant set at the local wally world or sporting goods store and you probably wouldn't pay much for it. But the phrase "you get what you pay for" proves particularly true in the case of rain gear. So why do you need Harley-Davidson Rain Gear? For starters it's made by motorcyclists for motorcyclists and designed for wearing it while riding a motorcycle. Which means it comes with a few unique characteristics to keep you protected, comfortable and looking as good as one can while wearing rain gear. Let's talk through some of the features you should be looking for when investing in a good set of rain gear:Raingear.jpg

1. Waterproofing

All H-D® Rain Gear can withstand 10,000 mm of rain - that's 3x greater than industry standards. Rain suits are fully seam sealed with double-taped seams in high-stress areas to better prevent leaking.

2. Breathability

All H-D® rain suits exceed industry standard ratings for breathabilty which means you stay drier and comfortable longer with less body heat and moisture trapped in your rain suit. This is done by using a technology called micro-pores. Air can move through the fabric but water can't.

98203_17VWF_WH_T.jpg3. Enhanced Visibility

3M™ reflective material is placed strategically on all our rain gear to improve visibility on rainy days

4. Helmet-friendly hoods

Your hood is designed to be worn underneath a helmet so you can pull it tight against your skin. OR Roll that sucker up and turn it into a collar that keeps the rain from dripping down your helmet and down the back of your neck. When you get to your destination and it's still pouring unroll the collar and turn it back into the hood.

5. Anti-microbial treated fabric

The fabric of the rain suit has been treated so that it inhibits the growth of microorganisms. This is especially important since your rain gear is designed to get wet. This keeps it from growing funky as it dries out.

6. Anti-slip traction panels on rear end

Water makes things slippery. Think about the points of contact your body makes with your motorcycle. Your hands. Your feet. Your seat. You want those things to not go slipping around in the rain. H-D rain suit has a special panel that prohibits you from sliding around on your seat.

7. Heat-resistant shields on inner legs

H-D engines get hot. Exhaust pipes get hot. We are riding air-cooled motorcycles. The last thing you want to do is melt your rain gear to your pipes. 98203_17VWP_WH_T.jpgBesides the fact that it smells awful and is a nightmare to clean up, you don't stay dry. With heat-resistant shields on the inner leg of your rain gear, your suit won't melt.

8. Adjustable leg openings

When you need to put on your rain gear, it is never a leisurely process. You never have "plenty of time". You are usually standing under a highway overpass with 80 mile an hour gusts of wind whipping around you. There's 30 people that have all gotten their rain gear on faster than Superman in a phone booth. And you are still trying to figure out which piece is the jacket and which piece is the pants. H-D rain gear is meant to be easy to get on and off. With adjustable leg openings that go up to either your knee or your hip with zippers and Velcro you can put on your rain pants without taking your boots off, sitting on the ground or falling onto your bike trying to balance on one leg. As for becoming Superman in the phone booth? That takes a thorough understanding of how your gear works and a lot of practice.

9. Warranty

Harley-Davidson is so confident Harley-Davidson Rain Gear will perform in even the worst weather conditions, they offer a limited 1-year warranty. With greater waterproof standards and better breathability, you can be confident that you have the highest quality rain gear available - and a warranty that stands behind it.

"My rain gear has all of that" Well good job on finding a great rain suit! But how old is it? More than 5 years? The waterproof material has a limited life before it eventually breaks down and starts to leak. This happens quicker the more it has been exposed to the elements. Do you keep yours bunched up in the bottom of your saddle bag? Did you properly air-dry it the last time you used it? Or was it packed away still dripping wet? This breaks it down faster. If this is the way you use your rain gear you might want to start thinking about a replacement suit after 3 years.

These are the standard features found on most Harley-Davidson rain gear options. But there are still options in colors, sizes, how much you spend, how heavy the gear is, etc. Options can be overwhelming. To find the perfect suit for you schedule an appointment with our MotorClothes experts! They can get you fitted for all of the right gear to match your riding style, body type and budget!

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