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All About Variable Payments

Posted by Oakland H-D Contributor on Dec 19, 2017 12:00:00 PM

All of our financial products (Extended Service Plan, Pre-Paid Maintenance, GAP, Tire and Wheel Protection, Theft Protection, and Appearance Protection) are designed to help protect you financially and save you any stress from what is called variable payments.

Let me explain what variable payments are:

Scenario 1:

You purchase a beautiful, brand new Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Your monthly payment is $300/month. Then you come in for the most important service, the first service on your new motorcycle. On average each service will cost $400-500, depending on what model you own. So that month you will pay your bike payment at $300/month, and then you will pay a bill in service for $500. You have spent $800 on your bike that month. Then you ride for a few months and bring your bike in for service again. That month you will spend $800 out of pocket, and so on.7630321-0-44598161.jpg

Scenario 2:

You purchase a beautiful, brand new Harley-Davidson motorcycle. You choose to include Pre-Paid Maintenance so you can avoid variable payments. You end up at a $350 monthly payment. Now all of your services are paid for the next three years. 

Most families are working on a budget and hate taking money from savings for unplanned costs. Many first time riders or younger riders cannot afford variances in their monthly spending.

Let me ask. Are you the type of person who likes to work with steady consistent monthly spending? Or do you like to have swings in your monthly spending?

The reason why I ask is, if you choose to include some of the protections offered - maybe you do end up at a higher monthly payment depending on what options you choose to include - you will have no out of pocket expenses for a variety of incidents that might come up. Costs associated with mechanical breakdown, regular maintenance, flat tires due to road hazards, a total loss, a stolen bike and for when your friends drool all over that awesome Harley paint. Harley-Davidson owners that avoid variable payments are happier riders with less stress, they make ownership easier and, in most cases, they make the total cost of ownership much less.

You may ask, "Are Harleys really that expensive to maintain?" Harley-Davidson motorcycle maintenance costs can actually be quite a bit less than that of other manufactures. Many other manufacturers have lots of body panels that need to be removed before you can even begin the service, and many manufacturers have intensive service schedules that include costly valve adjustments that take specialized tools and training. Harley-Davidson Maintenace is pretty straight forward.

You may have a friend who can do your maintenance and repairs for you. Is that person a trained and certified Harley Technician? If he is, our service department is always looking to grow, let me know if he would be interested in a job. Also, by having a friend do your maintenance for you, the only savings might be on the labor. You still have to drive to the dealership for the parts. And then maybe you pick up a 12-pack for your friend. They will work on your bike on their schedule - and hopefully they will finish the work before the 12 pack. Then what happens if something is not right after your friend is done working on it?

Everybody's riding situation is different, and what might effect you, might be different than your riding buddy.

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