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Best Harley for Tall Riders

Posted by Oakland H-D Contributor on Mar 15, 2022 4:00:00 PM

Sitting on a motorcycle do you feel scrunched up? Are your knees and elbows all bent. There are specific challenges of feeling comfortable on a motorcycle as a "tall" rider. Just because you can touch the ground comfortably doesn't mean every motorcycle fits you. Short riders get most of the attention on fit but tall riders need a good fitting bike as well! Don't worry. There are solutions.

Any customization or change you can think of, can be done on your new Harley-Davidson motorcycle. This includes things that might not sound totally obvious to you. You might have a vision for paint or what your bike should sound like, but proper fitment isn't always the first thing that come to mind. It can make all the difference. 



Customizing your Harley-Davidson for tall riders

The correct riding position can help a tall rider sit comfortably on the bike, and avoid leg cramps and back strain during a long day in the saddle. For riders with a longer inseam, a Tallboy® Seat will put you on the road to fatigue-free riding. Designed to move the rider 1.25" up and 2.5" back from the stock seating position, a Tallboy Seat can eliminate the “knees-high” riding position and effectively places the body for a natural arm and leg reach to the controls.

Extended Reach Pegs and Footboards can move the foot controls a full 3.0" forward of the stock location, providing the tall rider a comfortable riding position. In addition to your foot person, make sure to check your hand position. Handlebars of every shape, size, height and tilt are made from a variety of vendor. To start look at the Tallboy Handlebar from Harley-Davidson if you are own a touring model. The best way to choose a new handlebar is to sit on a variety of bikes and talk to an expert. Our customization experts know what's out there and have worked with hundreds if not thousands of people before you that had similar preferences. Like the bend of the handlebar but wish it was just a little taller? Consider a riser.


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Want to start with a taller seat height?

Not all motorcycles are made the same. And just like there are some motorcycles with an intentionally shorter seat height designed to fit a shorter-inseamed rider, there are some with a taller seat height as well.

 Pan America 1250 and Pan America 1250 Special

With Harley-Davidson Motor Company's initial launch into Adventure Touring motorcycles, they made sure to respect the need for ground clearance that you need for the off-road style of riding. With that in mind you'll find a 32 inch seat height (laden) on the stock Pan America models

Don't Write Off the Sportster S

With a 28.9 inch seat height (laden) this "little" motorcycle might not feel so little. Give the Sportster S a spin around the block and see if this is what you are looking for.

Cruisers for Tall People

Harley-Davidson's cruiser lineup starts at 25.7 inch seat height. But for people with a little more leg, check out the Fat Bob S. This is an aggressive  riding position with a 27.7 inch seat height (laden) that isn't for everyone - including most short people that want to feel comfortable with flat feet. If you want that kicked back or just more upright riding style don't be fooled by the name of the Low Rider S. With a 27 inch seat height this bike is comfortable for a lot of riders, straight out of the factory.

Touring While Tall

The current touring lineup from Harley-Davidson spans 25.9 to 27.5 inch seat heights. This model family has the most options when it comes to seats, controls and bars. But stock from the factory you can start with a Road Glide Limited (27.2 inches) or Ultra Limited (27.5 inches). 

When it comes down to it, you are not bound by your height. Any bike can be made to fit you. It’s all about what you feel is right for you.

To find your proper fit and to explore your options, schedule some on-on-one time with one of our Product Specialists today! 

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