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BREAKING: New Street Rod XG750A

Posted by Jess Bettencourt on Mar 9, 2017 2:00:00 PM
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According to Fred Savage, Styling Manager for the Harley-Davidson Motor Company, the feedback the Motor Company received about the next Street motorcycle was to give it more power, more agility and an urban brawler look. That is exactly what they produced in the XG750A Street Rod.

00036_175_MKE_162272_FN (1).jpg Engine and Primary Drive

The Street Rod™ (XG750A) is the latest of models introduced by the Harley-Davidson Motor Company for the 2017.5 model year. A new High Output Revolution X™ Engine features enhancements that provide an aggressive riding experience by increasing air flow, engine speed, and compression to deliver more power. H-D engineers were able to pump up the horsepower (18%) and torque (8%) by re-doing the intake ports and adding new high lift cams as well as a dual throttle body*. This results in a consistent build of power as the rider rolls on the throttle. The engine delivers power the rider can feel, maximizing the mid-range torque with a punch between 4,000 and 5,000 RPM. This engine is liquid-cooled which means it maintains cooler temperatures and provides consistent performance and power delivery off the line and on the road. 


Intake and Exhaust

The new scoop-style air cleaner cover, inspired by drag racing imagery, has a new design which maximizes airflow to deliver consistent power. The filter is synthetic, washable and lower cost than buying new. The new, shorter, two-into-one muffler gives the High Output Revolution X the air flow and volume of air it needs to give more horsepower and torque, while still providing the signature Harley-Davidson® sound. The no nonsense functionality of the durable black finish on the exhaust system means there is no need for polishing and excessive cleaning. If it's a nice enough day to clean, it must be nice enough to ride. 

Transmission and Final Drive

The gear ratios in in the 6-speed transmission and final drive were selected specifically for urban riding which allows you to maintain the power band and effortlessly shift in urban traffic. With a belt final drive there are less parts and less maintenance required  and therefore more reliability than the chain drives found on other brand motorcycles of this size. 

Wheels and Tires

The Harley-Davidson® Michelin® Scorcher® tires are made of innovative rubber compounds that have remarkable grip on wet and dry urban roads. The wider tires (120mm front and 160mm rear) mean better traction especially on rough pavement found on most California city roads. The cast 17-inch front and rear wheels feature 7 open spokes, finished in black which means there is not a lot of mass on these wheels. They look lightweight and nimble to ride.

Front and Rear Brakes

The dual disc front and rear brakes were designed to offer nimble stopping power, to quickly manage the daily obstacles of riding in the city.

Available in the United States is the option for an Anti-Lock Braking System which can prevent wheel lock-up in extreme braking scenarios. Next time that car pulls out in front of you, you can be more confident in the braking capability of your motorcycle.

Forks and Suspension

A 43mm inverted front fork increases the resistance to deflection which gives you better feedback and greater responsiveness. Not sure what "resistance to deflection" means? It's the feeling of being in tune with your motorcycle - like it's performing the way you want without a lot of effort. The thick, 43mm blacked-out forks and triple clamps, topped with a new speed screen adds mass to the Street Rod front-end making it look tough and muscular. The suspension was designed withh city riding in mind. The 4.6" rear travel and 5.2" front travel suspension gives you a smooth ride, better control over rough pavement and enhanced low-speed maneuverability. New for this motorcycle is the piggy back rear shocks with a remote reservoir which reduces cavitation and oil foaming under heavy use. This provides consistent suspension performance even in extreme conditions. The chassis geometry features a new stylized swing arm and 59.4" wheelbase along with an optimized rake and tail to provide nimble maneuvering.

Painted Parts

The gas tank shape draws it's inspiration from a combination of 1936 "tear drop" tank and the 1948 "peanut' tank. The paint and graphics on the tank and tail have a genuine Harley-Davidson premium finish which gives this bike show-quality appeal. A color-matches speed screen with black center insert offers stylized wind protection. It doesn't just funciton, it adds to the overall look of the bike.00039_175_MKE_162272.jpg

Seat and Riding Position

The 29.4" rider seat height is a little bit taller which enhances the rider's view forward in traffic. The two-piece seat enables two-up riding, allowing for a passenger, but also holds the rider firmly in place. The drag style handlebar puts the rider in an agressive riding position which enhances their view. The mid-foot controls place the foot under the rider which encourages easy and confident reach to the pavement. A low center of gravity creates a more stable feeling and well balanced chassis making it easy to lift the bike off the side stand. The cafe-customization inspired new tail secion offers just enough room for the seat and the license plate which makes the bike look lighter and more nimble. The bar end mirrors allow mirrors to fold back without interfering in hand control function which helps you navigate through tight spaces.00050_175_MKE_162272.jpg

Instruments and Controls

The handlebar-mounted hand controls promote ergonomics which benefits the rider with a more comfortable ride and a better sense of control. The 3.5" diameter speedometer consists of LED lights making it easy to read. The LED turn signals and tail light offer bright, fast-acting and long-lasting illumination to make you more visible in traffic, both day and at night. A single key locks the fuel cap, fork lock and ignition making securing the bike easy. However for additional peach of mind you can get an optional Harley-Davidson Smart Security Systme with hands-free, pocked-sized fob automatically arms/disarms the alarm system and disables/enables the ignition as you depart or approach the motorcycle.

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 *Actual horsepower improvement depends on the bike configuration, model, the riding style, and other conditions.  All comparisons are drawn between a new 2017 Harley-Davidson® Street Rod® motorcycle and the 2017 Harley-Davidson Street® motorcycle.

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