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H-D Visa Real-Time Rewards

Posted by Oakland H-D Contributor on Jun 5, 2020 2:00:00 PM

Now H-D Visa card members have another choice for how they redeem their Genuine Rewards points. You can either redeem for a plastic or electronic H-D Gift Card to use as payment for a purchase, or you can redeem points after your purchase if you are enrolled in Real-Time Rewards, a new redemption method.

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How Real-Time Rewards Works


Make a qualifying purchase with their Harley-Davidson® Visa card at any authorized Harley-Davidson dealership or online at


Receive a text message notifying you that you have enough accumulated points to redeem for your entire purchase and will ask if you want to redeem those accrued points immediately.


If the you reply “Redeem” to the text message, you will automatically receive a statement credit in the amount of your purchase and the points will be deducted from your points bank.

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Important Things to Know

  • To qualify for Real-Time Rewards, the card member must be enrolled and a purchase must be:
    • Made using the card member's Harley-Davidson Visa card
    • Made at an authorized Harley-Davidson® dealership,, the H-D Museum or Factory Tours
    • Must be greater than $25 or the minimum purchase amount. During enrollment, card members choose their minimum purchase amount and will only receive a Real-Time Rewards text if the purchase is greater than the amount selected.
  • The card member has 24 hours or until their next qualified purchase is made, whichever comes first, to reply “Redeem” to the Real-Time Rewards text.
  • With Real-Time Rewards, card members are not limited to redeeming only in $25 increments. They will redeem for the entire amount of the purchase. For example, if the purchase is $55.06, and the customer has at least 5,506 points, then they will receive a text asking if they would like to redeem their points for the purchase.
  • If a card member wants to use their points to cover part of a purchase, they must redeem for a H-D™ Gift Card instead. Card members can only redeem for the entire purchase using Real-Time Rewards.
  • Card members can learn more on the Rewards page of their online servicing account accessed through or on the new H-D Visa Mobile App. For even more information, they can click on the FAQ’s link at the bottom of the page.

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How Card members Enroll

Card members must enroll in order to receive Real-Time Rewards text messages. Enrollment must be completed before the purchase is completed.
  1. Log into online account at or the H-D Visa Mobile App.
  2. Select Rewards tab.
  3. Select “Manage Rewards” and click “Enroll Today” button.
  4. Complete and submit the enrollment form.
  5. Card member will immediately receive a welcome text.

Be sure to use the Harley-Davidson Visa card to enroll in Real-Time Rewards.

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