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Harley-Davidson Suspension for Dynas

Posted by Ryan Beeman on Mar 15, 2017 2:00:00 PM
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  • An option for premium suspension for Dyna® models
  • Improved rider feel and passenger comfort
  • Great handling and the smoothest, most comfortable ride possible on Dyna® models

Premium Ride Emulsion Shocks.jpg


  • Nitrogen gas charging prevents cavitation under harsh conditions
  • Internal Valve Stack provides superior damping for rider control
  • Larger 36mm piston reacts quicker to small inputs
  • Triple rate spring keeps the tire glued to the road regardless of road conditions
  • High performance oil improves rider feel
  • Threaded pre-load adjustment accommodates heavier loads and allows for more precise adjustment
  • Urethane bumper provides a softer feel when the shock bottoms

All of these features and benefits combined provide an overall increased rider confidence and significantly improved passenger comfort.Premium Ride Single Cartridge Fork Kit.jpg


  • Engineered to provide the rider with improved control, confidence under hard braking and excellent bottoming resistance

Premium Ride Cartridge Shocks.jpg


  • Damping is controlled by piston and valve stack providing a smooth feel on rough roads and inspires confidence in the turns
  • Triple rate spring allows forks to absorb bumps during hard braking and resists wheel hop
  • Oil lock provides excellent bottoming resistance and smooths out harsh impacts


  • Designed and tested to Harley-Davidson® Original Equipment Standards
  • Suspension upgrades are a great time to do other front end work, including:
    • New Wheels
    • Chrome or Black Front End Kits

If you would like to know more about the Suspension options for your Dyna, schedule an appointment with our Service team today! We can help you customize your motorcycle. Many times suspension is the first thing to customize on your Harley.

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If you are the adventurous type it might be time to broaden your horizon and test ride the all new Harley-Davidson Softail models. The reinvented Softail® frame is lighter and stiffer than its predecessor. That translates to more responsive handling. The suspension also took a leap forward. It features all new mono shock technology in the rear, and new technology in the front. Riding hard has never been so easy. Test ride one today.

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