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Hottest Dyna of 2017 - Low Rider S - 10 Reasons Why

Posted by Jess Bettencourt on Mar 16, 2017 9:00:00 AM
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The Low Rider® S model redefines Harley-Davidson® performance, combining the rigid Dyna® chassis with Premium ride suspension components and the incredible power of the Screamin’ Eagle® Twin Cam 110™ engine. It’s a motorcycle that connects the rider to the road by delivering instantaneous power and agile handling, with styling inspired by California (and global) custom motorcycle culture.


  1. You will never get tired of acceleration produced by the Screamin’ Eagle® Twin Cam 110™ engine in the Low Rider S motorcycle. It’s assembled with proven Screamin’ Eagle® cylinders and heads, forged pistons and a highperformance camshaft. Rated at 115 ft. lbs. of torque, this is the most-powerful production version of the Twin Cam engine Harley offers, with 7 percent more displacement and 13 percent more peak torque than the H.O.
    Twin Cam 103™ engine.0030_165C_FXDLS_152539_DOM.jpg
  2. With a large, exposed filter element and a forward-facing mount, the Heavy Breather intake speaks performance. This intake insures your engine is getting the air it needs to deliver all the performance you want.
  3. With ratios selected to match the engine performance, the Six-Speed Cruise Drive® Transmission delivers strong acceleration to help you pull away from traffic plus relaxed highway engine speed and enhanced fuel economy in sixth gear so you can ride longer in comfort.
  4. These cast wheels have a classic race-bike style and are very light weight, which helps improve the suspension performance of the Low Rider S motorcycle. The Magnum Gold finish is inspired by race cars from the 1960s and contrasts with all the black on this bike.
  5. The standard ABS prevents wheel lock-up in less-than-optimal conditions, so in any situation you’ll have more control with optimized braking performance.0028_165C_FXDLS_152539_DOM.jpg
  6. The Premium Ride rear shocks feature an emulsion design for enhanced compressions and rebound performance and a comfortable ride and precise, responsive control over a variety of pavement situations, so you can ride with more confidence.
  7. You’ll feel the solid, rigid structure of the Dyna® frame on every ride…the key is the rectangular-section backbone that resists flexing and twisting under acceleration and in turns.
  8. The speed screen gives the Low Rider S motorcycle a West Coast performance look, and everyone will know which bike you’re riding when they see it coming down the road. The screen does provide some wind protection at speed and adds a little rider comfort.
  9. The flat drag bar and tall, 5-inch risers put you an aggressive, hands-up position square over the pegs, for good comfort and control.0024_165C_FXDLS_152539_DOM.jpg
  10. The standard electronic cruise control is smooth and precise and adjusted with the left thumb so you can keep your right hand steady on the throttle. Set the cruise and give your right wrist a break.

It is no wonder why this motorcycle is flying out of showrooms all across California. Released less than 1 year ago, this has been a highly-sought-after model.  Oakland Harley-Davidson is the place to get it. We have ordered as many of these motorcycles as we could because we know this is exactly what the Bay Area Rider is looking for.

If you would like to come by and experience the power and handling of this great bike for yourself, you have two options. 

  • Take a Test Ride - Just an M1 endorsement on your valid driver's license and the proper riding gear will get you out the door.
Schedule a Test Ride
  • Rent this bike - We have several of these motorcycles in our Rental fleet so that anyone who would like to see what these motorcycles are capable of on Highway 1 through Santa Cruz or I-80 to Tahoe. The destination is your pick. 

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