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Importance of a Trained Finance Expert

Posted by Oakland H-D Contributor on Dec 22, 2017 2:00:00 PM

When you go to the doctor do you want to go to one that does it “ok” and works part time, or do you want to go to the best one you can find? How about your mechanic?  Your dentist? What about your gardener?  Then why wouldn’t you want a well-trained finance expert helping with your Harley-Davidson motorcycle purchase? 


We are going to be dealing with your personal information, Social Security Number, date of birth, phone numbers.  If it were me I would want a professional not a newbie handling that information. 

Secret Menu

Have you ever heard of a restaurant having a secret menu?  One that no one knows about except the friends of the people that work there?  Banks can sometimes work like that too.  If you don’t know how and when the menu changes, or things that used to be available, or have friends there that can tell you about the recent changes, you will be stuck eating the same stuff everyone else does and not even know about the really good stuff. 

How to Get the Bank to Say Yes, When They Have Already Said NoFandIOffice.jpg

It has happened on a daily basis here. A guest comes in, sad and depressed, looking at the bike of their dreams even though they know they can’t get it.  Why do they know?  Because they were at another dealership that ran their credit and told them to get a co-singer or get lost.  We spend a little time with them understanding their wants, needs, budget, and constraints.  Before we know it we have a game plan together on what we need to do to put them in a position for the bank to say YES! (Financing A Necessity vs A Luxury Item and How Much Do I Need to Put Down?).  I’m not going to tell you we can get everyone approved, and even if we do get them approved it does not mean that approval fits within their payment and down payment constraints, but I will tell you that we will work extremely hard to make sure we give you all the options. 


I’m just going to leave that right there. 

Paperwork Done Right the First Time

How many people do you know that hard to go back to a dealership after they bought a car and resign paperwork?  Hell, it’s happened here. But it is extremely rare.  We pride ourselves on have things done right the first time because we know your time is important and valuable. 

So What Does All This Mean?

Well, just like with your doctor, dentist, mechanic, and gardener you pay for what you get.  We might not be the cheapest. However, we do provide an exceptional level of customer service.  How much money do you really save after your fourth time back to Dealership X to sign the same document, or when you find out there were options available to you that were not offered, or when your ID is stolen because someone left your information out on a table? 

Make us your first stop, make us your last stop, or just make sure you stop by Oakland Harley-Davidson to see what the difference is. 

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