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Motorcycle Oil: Why not just use the same oil I put in my car?”

Posted by Ryan Beeman on Mar 11, 2017 8:00:00 AM
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What's the difference? It's just oil right? It's not like I'm putting Olive Oil in my motorcycle. I should be able to just drop by the auto parts store, pick up a couple of quarts and top 'er off right? I don't need fancy motorcycle oil.

You might  be doing more harm than good. Harley-Davidson V-Twin engines operate at higher temperatures than water-cooled automobile engines, which means they require extra protection. They are specifically designed to run a certain type of oil with certain features. That is why Harley-Davidson has spent so much time and money investing their own synthetic lubricant that is specifically designed for use in your Harley-Davidson motorcycle.  Here are a couple little known facts about H-D oil:

Your H-D Motorcycle: 
Protection Required From:
How H-D Oil Protects:
  • Large Displacement
  • Air Cooled
  • High Operating Temperatures


  • High heat stability, oil won't break down


  • High Power Output Ratios
  • Wide Power Bands
  • Heavy Loads on Powertrain


  • Superior lubrication
  • Stable viscosity, oil stays in grade
  • Unique Oiling System


  • Wear on Powertrain


  • Superior anti-wear
  • Quick oil flow at cold engine start
  • Keeps engine internals clean

Make Up of Engine Oil

  • Oil is essentially made up of a “Base Oil” and the “Additives”
    • Base Oil can either be “Conventional” (mineral oil) or “Synthetic”
    • Additives are what gives oil its unique properties
  • Harley-Davidson® oils contain proprietary additives that are designed specifically for Harley-Davidson® powertrains to optimize performance.
    • Other oils contain generic additives designed to meet minimum requirements of multiple makes and models.

Can I go longer between oil changes with synthetic oil?

  • No, due to the characteristics of large displacement air cooled engines you should not extend drain intervals, even with synthetic oil
  • Large displacement air cooled engines…
    • run hotter
    • run faster
    • have smaller oil sumps
  • You should change your motorcycle engine oil and oil filter at the first 1,000-mile service interval and at every 5,000-mile service interval thereafter


Viscosity Grades of Engine Oil

  • Viscosity (or Absolute Viscosity) is defined as the measure of resistance to flow. In layman’s terms, it’s how hard or how fast something moves
  • Thick, slow-flowing oils have high viscosity numbers and thin, freeflowing oils have lower numbers.
  • The recommended viscosity grade for all temperature conditions is SAE 20W50 Harley-Davidson® Motor Oil (see chart above)

SYN3® LubricantPicture13.jpg

  • SYN3® Lubricant offers improved film strength for superior wear protection at high temperatures, and improved deposit control for a cleaner engine, transmission, and primary chaincase
  • SYN3® Lubricant can be used in the engine, primary chaincase, and transmission
  • SYN3® Lubricant is formulated for reduced oil consumption, improved wear protection, high temperature stability, and superior overall field performance

Why Should you Purchase H-D® Oil?

  • H-D® oil is developed, tested and proven under harsh, real-world conditions.
  • DEVELOPED – Designed, formulated and tested specifically for the Harley-Davidson powertrain and its internal components
  • TESTED – H-D engineers test our oil in real H-D powertrains in controlled lab environments where the oil and powertrains are pushed to extremes, ensuring superior performance.
  • PROVEN – H-D® oil is road tested for hundreds of thousands of miles.
  • Remember: Harley-Davidson® oil contains proprietary additives that give our oil specific qualities required to meet the unique demands of a HarleyDavidson engine

H-D® Oil Filters Work BetterPicture14.jpg

  • Tests prove Harley-Davidson® SuperPremium5™ Filters remove more five-micron contaminants than other conventional brands
  • Percent filtration for oil filters:
    • H-D SUPERPREMIUM5™ Oil Filters 98.5 percent
    • Brand A – 38.7 percent
    • Brand B – 26.4 percent
    • Brand C – 22.5 percent

More Than an Oil ChangePicture15.png

  • Regular service will help keep your H-D® motorcycle operating at peak performance
  • Harley-Davidson® lubricants are available exclusively through H-D authorized dealers
  • With more than 20 specific check points from front tire to tailpipe, Oakland Harley-Davidson knows how to service your motorcycle using factory approved methods

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