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Saving Yourself From One Bad Day with An Extended Service Plan

Posted by Oakland H-D Contributor on Dec 29, 2017 6:00:00 PM

Let me ask, how long do you think you will own your next Harley-Davidson motorcycle? Are you like most riders who will be trading it in for the next best thing in 3-4 years? Or will you try and keep it forever?

The reason I ask is because we need to talk about one bad day. One bad day is a day of mechanical breakdown including parts and labor costs, maybe even a tow to the nearest dealership. If you are out of town then you'll need a hotel room for the night, lunch, dinner and then breakfast. And what if the repairs take a few days, then we're talking about a rental vehicle to get around or get home. The Harley-Davidson Extended Service Plan will cover all of those expenses. (What Exactly Is the Extended Service Plan?)

You may ask the question, "Are Harley-Davidson motorcycles not reliable? Will this bike leave me stranded?"HD_Tucson_11_0065.jpg

Just the opposite. Harley-Davidson motorcycles are more reliable than ever. Every new Harley-Davidson motorcycle comes with a two-year, unlimited mileage, factory warranty. And you would expect your new Harley to be completely reliable during the first two years. When you get into your third or fourth year of ownership you might have one bad day. With one day in the shop, that's still 99.99% reliable. That’s still really reliable!!!

At Oakland Harley-Davidson, most of our pre-owned selection qualify for a Harley-Davidson Extended Service Plan. Oakland Harley-Davidson takes great pride in our Pre-Owned selection. We have one of the best service departments in the nation that reconditions, all of our pre-owned Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The service department has reconditioned these bike to the best of their abilities. What our service department can't do, is predict future mechanical issues. It's like health insurance. We don’t want to get sick. But when we do get sick, we don’t want to pay out of pocket what the doctor and hospitals charge to get us fixed.

One bad day can cost more than seven years of Extended Service Plan from Harley-Davidson.

Do you want to gamble on when you have one bad day? Or would you rather have worry free riding for 5 to 7 years? Make sure to ask the Oakland Harley-Davidson Sales team about adding the only Factory Authorized Extended Service Plan to your new or pre-owned motorcycle.

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