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Screamin' Eagle Performance: Stage I - Feed the Beast

Posted by Oakland H-D Contributor on Feb 9, 2020 10:00:00 AM

The Stage I upgrade includes high-flow air cleaners, mufflers and the proper electronic control module (ECM) tuning, using the Pro Street Tuner. Stage I is the foundation for all other upgrades.

Stage I is ideal for riders that want to enhance the performance, look and sound of their bike. Riders will feel up to a 10% increase in performance throughout the entire RPM range. Stage I also allows customers to personalize their upgrade through several unique style options.

Intake and Exhaust:

The easiest way to improve a motorcycle's performance is to increase the air flow into and out of the engine. A high-flow air cleaner and exhaust provide horsepower and torque improvements the rider can feel throughout the entire RPM range.


The Stage I upgrade also offers a variety of styling options, allowing riders to personalize their bike to fit their personality.

Intake - Air Cleaners


Exhaust - Mufflers


ECM Calibration


In support of the Screamin' Eagle integration proposition, we offer complete end-to-end solutions by including ECM calibration. The Pro Street Tuner is a device designed by Harley-Davidson to communicate with our motorcycles. No cutting, no splicing, no potential override of important factory controls.

When Harley-Davidson develops a Screamin' Eagle upgrade we also develop the base calibration for integration into the customer's motorcycle. The Pro Street Tuner enables the base calibration to be loaded and can be further customized for fuel delivery, spark advance, and throttle progressivity to acount for bike-to-bike variation and ifferent combinations of intake and exhaust.

Simplify the process even further by adding the Smart Tune Pro Automatic Tuning Module and allow for real-time tuning while riding.

Tuner software is available via web download and includes all of the starting calibrations for current, compliant Stage Kit upgrades.


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