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Screamin' Eagle Performance: Stage III - Go Big

Posted by Oakland H-D Contributor on Feb 23, 2020 10:00:00 AM


"I want instant power that lasts throughout the entire RPM range. Bigger is better."

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The next step on the performance journey is to build a "bigger" engine, and that means more cubic inches. Stage III upgrades add size to your engine and increase compression for a bigger bang. With the proper cam profile and free-flowing intake and exhaust, a big bore motor can be tuned to deliver the power to ride any way you like or to ride two-up while retaining that solo feel. Stage III is ideal for riders who want the largest engine displacement and increased power throughout the entire RPM range.


Nobody says "no" to more torque and horsepower. Screamin' Eagle components are the key to greater acceleration, increased passing muscle, & more of that rip roaring raw exhaust note that makes power more than a little addicting. Watch to learn more about Screamin' Eagle Stage III performance upgrades.



The Stage III upgrade includes bigger bore cylinders, high compression pistons, and a properly matched cam. The engine remains in the chassis while the top end and cam are changed out, minimizing the installation compared to a full engine rebuild. No machining or custom fitting is required.


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Our Service and Parts teams can work together to help you build out the motor you are looking for to get the power and torque at the levels you want, when you want. It's important to identify what kind of power you want in your motorcycle. Passing power? Off the line? High end? When in doubt, let's go for a ride! Many times we'll have different types of performance kits on demo vehicles or pre-owned vehicles that can be ridden on our test loop to see if it is what you are looking for.

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Harley-Davidson has the engineering expertise, sophisticated dyno lab and complete testing facilities to provide enthusiasts with a line of performance products designed to produce good, solid, reliable horsepower and torque. Engine-related performance parts are intended for the experienced rider only.

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