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Take a Ride on the Harley Ride Simulator

Posted by Oakland H-D Contributor on Nov 19, 2018 6:26:54 PM

Jump Start

You may have heard people say that there’s nothing like being on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Now, you can find out for yourself – even if you have no previous experience with motorcycles.

The Harley-Davidson®  JUMPSTART™ Rider Experience combines a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and a specially-designed, stationary support stand.

  • No knowledge or previous motorcycle experience necessary.
  • Motorcycle will not tip over.

You’ll mount the bike, set your boots on the foot pegs and fire up the engine under the watchful eye of trained personnel. Give the throttle a twist and hear that unforgettable Harley sound. Sitting comfortably on the bike, you’ll continue to shift through the gears – all safely and securely attached to the JUMPSTART™ platform.

Ready to try it out?  

Let's Do It!


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Will I be experiencing an actual Harley-Davidson® motorcycle?

Yes! The bike you try is a 100% street-ready Harley®  motorcycle.

Is this a training program?

No. It is an introduction to the experience of riding a Harley® motorcycle.

Is it safe?

Yes. The bike is securely fastened to the JUMPSTART Harley Ride Simulator platform and there is no danger of tipping or damaging the bike.

Do I need any special gear?

A good solid pair of shoes is the only gear you should bring. Anything else can be provided at the dealership.

What's next?

Next is to sign up for one of the local motorcycle training courses. These operate during the week and on the weekend. They start off like you've never touched a motorcycle before. They cover classroom concepts as well as on-range instruction where they provide the bike. It's a great next step!

New to riding a motorcycle? Great! Get more information by clicking here. 

Check out other resources for people that are getting in to motorcycling and let us know how we can help!

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