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The Milwaukee-Eight Engine

Posted by Jess Bettencourt on Feb 27, 2017 2:21:22 PM
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2017 begins the next era of power, performance and innovation for Harley-Davidson® motorcycles, and it all starts with the all-new Milwaukee-Eight™ engines. The sound of the Harley-Davidson® 45-degree V-Twin rings through the history of motorcycling in an unbroken line stretching back to 1909. Each one improving on the one before it. Iconic. Durable. Unmistakable in their sound. Unparalleled in their muscular look. Unmatched in the feeling they deliver to the rider. Find out more about each of the iconic past engines.





The Milwaukee-Eight™ 107 and Milwaukee-Eight™ 114 engines take the Harley-Davidson® V-Twin to a place it’s never been. They’re the most powerful, coolest-running motors we’ve ever built* – smoother, stronger and more durable, with crisper throttle response and truer, cleaner sound.

The all-new engine features:

  • More Power

    • Larger displacement, 4-valve heads and higher compression ratio produce 10% more torque

  • Quicker Acceleration

    • 2017 2-3 bike lengths faster from 0-60 mph; 1-2 bike lengths faster from 60-80 mph in top gear

  • Heat Management

    • Improved rider and passenger comfort, thanks to reduced heat absorption, increased heat rejection and redesigned exhaust system

  • Improved Fit

    • Thanks to a narrow primary and optimized air cleaner shape
  • Reduced Vibration

    • New internal single counter-balancer, provides a smoother, more refined feel at idle
  • Richer Exhaust

    • Note Less mechanical powertrain noise allows more iconic V-Twin rumble due to lighter valves, optimized cover designs and driveline improvements
  • Lower Idle Speed

    • Creates a better sound and less heat
  • Improved Charging

    • 50% more output to meet increased touring accessory needs

Check out the new Milwaukee-Eight engine on any of the 2017 Harley-Davidson Touring motorcycles. Check out the all new Road King Special recently announced!

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*Comparison drawn between new 2016 Touring models and new 2017 Touring models.

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