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Which Harley Windshield Is Right for You?

Posted by Oakland H-D Contributor on Apr 9, 2017 10:00:00 AM

At highway speed, you take the wind full-force in the chest, causing fatigue in your arms, neck and shoulders. Shaped to divert air, rain and road debris around the rider, a windshield can add hours of riding comfort. Know what is available to you. Life does not need to be so difficult. We’ve taken the features straight out of the Big Book and translated them into how they affect you as a rider.

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Windshields Offer Protection

WHY: Windshields protect you from wind, rain and debris and are available in multiple styles and heights to accommodate your individual needs. A windshield takes the force of the wind off of your head & body, reducing overall fatigue.

  • Proper height allows you to look over the windshield while the airflow still rises up and over the top of your head.
  • To avoid looking through bug spots, condensation and road grime select a windshield that tops out just below your line of sight.
  • TIP: Create an air management system by combining windshields with air deflectors. This allows you to control how much wind you prefer blowing on your body.

Types of WindshieldsBig Book_Windshields.jpg

Fork Mounted Windshields
  • Sport
    • Reduces wind and debris, but keeps the wind-in-the-hair feeling while still maintaining the sporty look of the bike. Ideal for a cool morning ride to the office.
  • Compact
    • Traditional king-sized shape with a minimalist edge offers full protection in a tool-less, no leave-behind quick-release style. Ideal for everyday riding.
  • King
    • Contoured to divert the wind around your helmet and hands; adds maximum weather protection. Ideal for long-ride comfort.
  • Ventilator
    • Integrated vents can be opened or closed to adjust airflow based on riding conditions.
    • Open - redirects air across your chest for a cooling effect
    • Closed - provides maximum wind and weather protection
  • Wind Splitter
    • Exclusive fingertip-adjustable center vent reduces turbulence behind the windshield to reduce head buffeting and neck fatigue. The low-profile, contemporary contour sets it apart from the crowd.

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Fairing Mounted windshields
  • Standard
    • Available in multiple heights to meet the needs of any size rider, the traditional shape provides great weather protection and an over the top view.
  • Wind Splitter
    • Styled to complement the shape of H-D® fairings while still providing great protection from the elements. Also available in multiple heights to offer more wind protection than the stock windshield.
Air & Wind Deflectors
  • Adjustable air deflectors (batwing fairings)57200157.jpg
    • Forces air around your legs and body, yet can be adjusted to funnel additional wind on to your body for a cooling effect.
  • Road Glide® Contoured Wind Deflector
    • Redirects airflow between the fairing and fork tubes away from you to reduce head buffeting.
  • Soft lowers
    • Reduces the amount of wind hitting your legs, which can reduce updraft and head buffeting, yet can easily be removed for warm weather riding.
  • Fork-Mounted Wind Deflectors
    • Extends the windshield’s coverage for superior protection in any weather by redirecting air around you to reduce fatigue.

What's Next?

Let's set up a consultation with our Parts Product Expert to learn more about how to customize your motorcycle! The right windshield can make all of the difference on a long ride. It's the difference between falling down on your bed exhausted when you arrive and being ready to catch up with friends late into the night. The right Harley windshield for you depends on your body, your bike and what you prefer. 

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